Iberia Adopts Amadeus Ancillary Services

Amadeus reports that Iberia has adopted the Amadeus Ancillary Services technology that allows travel agents to offer advanced seat selection to their customers, bookable with the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) industry standard. The solution is also integrated across Iberia’s call center and sales offices so that customers can be consistently served across these channels, Amadeus says.

Amadeus' interactive catalogue in its travel agency selling platform  clearly displays the range of airline optional services available, Amadeus says. The travel agent can view, book and up-sell ancillary services quickly and efficiently. The content of the catalogue – the service and its description – is controlled by the airline, which will use this space to differentiate its offer.

The new service enables travelers to book their preferred seat prior to the check-in process – when seats are generally assigned – and includes an option to choose preferential seats such as those in the exit row, Amadeus says.

Amadeus noted that recent analysis by IdeaWorks estimates that airline ancillary revenue will soar to $32.5 billion worldwide in 2011.

Seventeen other airlines have signed up for Amadeus Ancillary Services, Amadeus says. The  solution has already been implemented both for online and travel agency channels in key markets, including France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

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