iZento API Interface Turns Booking Data Into Travel Documents

codeTravel technology company iZento reports the development of a new API (application programming interface) that takes booking data and automatically turns it into comprehensive, interactive professional itineraries and travel documents in less than one minute. 

The interface streamlines the way professional itineraries are created and adds countless benefits for travel providers, agents and travelers alike, iZento says, including customizable branding options and advertising pages designed to make travel documents a new revenue stream for companies.

“Our API makes creating professional travel itineraries and documents absolutely effortless – while also offering added revenue opportunities for companies and a supreme level of differentiation in the marketplace,” said Judy Roberts, co-founder of iZento.

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The iZento API works with XML data from providers such as: tour operators, GDSs, travel technology companies, and travel agent software companies, iZento says.  

Users input booking data as they typically would into their preferred reservations system and the interface automatically transforms the information into a comprehensive itinerary based on the booking details – all at less than $1 per itinerary. 

The API connects with iZento’s Trip Optimizer technology to output a fully customized travel itinerary in less than one minute that includes travel documents, robust city guides and maps, calendar, recommended activities and much more.  Additionally, each itinerary is virtual, downloadable, shareable and printable as well as accessible via mobile platforms.

Itineraries created feature interactive advertising pages that can be customized by companies to add a new revenue stream for their businesses, complete with tracking and hot links, iZento reports.  Organizations using the API can sell the promotional space within their customized travel documents or use the pages to recommend tours and activities in each destination, providing opportunities for incremental revenue, both pre and post booking. 

iZento says its API offers benefits for suppliers and agents. Travel providers can brand their itineraries and present their travelers with professional documents they can view, share, print, and even have professionally published – all with no added work.  

Travelers can carry the printed itinerary, complete with maps, schedules and tailored tours and activities, or access it from their preferred mobile device at any time during the vacation and for up to 30 days after their return home. They can share any part of the itinerary they choose with friends and family via Facebook and other social media platforms.  

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