iZento Launches New Technology Solution

The new iZento Travel Provider Platform technology automatically transforms reservation data into an interactive itinerary and marketing engine offering travel companies and their affiliated agents incremental revenue opportunities from proposal through departure, and even post trip, iZento reports.

A significant advancement beyond travel organizers or brochure-ware, iZento's technology is intelligent - it "auto-creates" an interactive itinerary and journal in real-time with nearly unlimited personalization options that can be designated by the provider. Each one-of-a-kind itinerary represents a personalized marketing and selling platform combining branding, sharing, printing, advertising, upselling, and social media functionality.

"As iZento's subscription service continues to grow, we are pleased to launch a new travel provider division of our business at the request of travel organizations that have recognized the need to augment their existing toolset with iZento's advanced capabilities," said Tony Del Favero, Vice President of Business Development for iZento.

"The platform is flawlessly processing thousands of transactions daily, and we are gratified to see the rave reviews that our partners are receiving from their agents and travelers.  We are delighted to now offer our customizable technology to the industry on a larger scale," said Del Favero.

The new technology enables travel companies of all sizes - from tour operators, cruise lines, and other packagers of travel - to consolidate individual elements of a travel booking including air, hotel, cruise, rail, insurance, tours & excursions "behind the scenes" and transform them automatically into a comprehensive itinerary.

The customized trip journal that is created comes complete with a calendar, maps, directions, day by day agendas, attractions information, destination guides, ads, recommendations, and more.

Utilizing proprietary technology developed and tested with feedback from travel industry professionals over a period of over 3 years, the new iZento Travel Provider Platform ensures functionality for even the most complex itineraries -- including multi-destination programs, cruise + land packages and FIT bookings.

The platform is modular and can be customized to each travel provider's specifications with minimal impact on a company’s development team, delivering complete implementations in as little as 60 days.  The iZento Travel Provider Platform offers the most extensive feature set to accommodate unique travel requirements and can be used by companies to:

    - Transform raw data into an interactive itinerary and marketing engine
    - Aggregate data to make it easier for customers to interact and purchase
    - Increase site page views and transactional potential
    - Provide an incremental sales platform for advertisers
    - Increase sales of extras and upgrades
    - Monetize the entire sales cycle from pre-planning to ads in post–travel keepsakes
For both travel providers and travel professionals that sell the packages of these companies, the new iZento platform auto-generates a comprehensive interactive itinerary that can be used to collaborate with and market add-ons to clients to benefit from the $26.8 billion U.S. travel activities market.

Additional options enable companies to utilize the platform across the sales cycle:

        - Pre-sale — Templates to deliver unique, personalized proposals in minutes that increase conversion rates
        - Post-sale – An interface to sell extras, add destination content, customize branding and messaging, include real-time targeted ads and offers, and virally market via integrated Facebook postings
        - Customer management –- iZento's unique collaborative capability empowers participation by the client, enabling effortless collection of key profile data for future targeting
       - Personalization – Auto-generated, highly-personalized interactive itinerary based on a traveler's booking choices that can be printed from a computer, professionally bound as a handy take-along journal, or shared online and on Facebook.

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