iZento Launches Vacation API for ClientBase Users

A diagram of the iZento Vacation API // Illustration by iZento
A diagram of the iZento Vacation API // Illustration by iZento

iZento reports the release of its new iZento Vacation API + ClientBase Connector after beta testing and previews by agencies, agents, and consortia groups. iZento says 45 agencies have signed up to try the Vacation API + ClientBase Connector.

iZento Vacation API takes all of the reservation data that a travel agent inputs for a booking and automatically creates an interactive itinerary. The iZento ClientBase Connector is an application that makes the same functionality available to ClientBase users with no extra data input on the part of the agent. 

Judy Roberts, co-founder of iZento, said that the new tool will help agents raise the quality of their customer data. 

The Connector based on the data an agent includes on the ClientBase Res Card for a booking, iZento says. Booking details automatically imported include: air, hotel, car rental, rail, cruises, tours, transfers, and insurance. The itinerary created includes a daily agenda for the trip, calendar, city maps and city guides. 

iZento says the agency can brand each trip journal with their logo and include their contact details, add agent recommended tours, and include agency-generated ads on the advertising pages. Within a few minutes from the time the agent completes their ClientBase Res Card entries, an email arrives with a link to a completed itinerary journal that can be shared with the client, printed, or posted on Facebook.

iZento is offering agencies, consortia groups, and host agencies a 30-day free trial of the application.

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