Job Loss Travel Insurance Vital to Travelers

Travel Insured International, a leading independently owned travel insurer, is offering innovative job loss protection options that can provide coverage for the job loss of either the insured vacation traveler or his or her traveling companion.

The policies offer a way to protect hard-earned vacation dollars - including job loss coverage and cancel for work protection, that allows travelers to enjoy leisure travel time even when job security is uncertain.

Travel Insured says 2011 will provide many opportunities for vacation bargains but notes lingering high unemployment continues to make economic recovery a slow process.

The coverage is part of all four retail plans under Travel Insured's Worldwide Trip Protector brand. This includes the comprehensive Worldwide Trip Protector, Worldwide Trip Protector Gold, Trip Protector Lite and Trip Protector Lite Expanded.

The coverage protects the insured or a travel companion with whom they are sharing travel accommodations from an unforeseen layoff or termination. Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption kicks in if they have held continuous employment for one year or more at the place where the job is lost.

A second job protection coverage for travelers, available in each of the four Travel Insured plans, is the optional Cancel for Work Reasons upgrade. This coverage, available for an additional $24 per person, allows for Trip Cancellation protection benefits up to the limits of their policy.

This includes when one of many unforeseen job disruptions happens to either the insured or the traveling companion, including transfers, relocations, work interruptions, mergers or acquisitions or a company bankruptcy or disaster.

Each of the Travel Insured International plans specifies some additional unforeseen events beyond job loss or mandatory work conflicts that can be covered. Coverage is also possible for unforeseen bankruptcy or default of the travel supplier; a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, the death or hospitalization of the insured's destination host, a hijacking or quarantine of the insured or weather.

Travel Insured suggest agents review the many options available at

Each plan includes additional coverage for trip delay, baggage & personal effects loss, baggage delay, emergency medical expense and medical evacuation and an optional medical upgrade.

Most plans come with "Kids are Free" coverage for one or more child under age 18, depending upon the plan. All of the plans also come with Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance, available 24/7 with a free call from anywhere the insured is traveling.


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