The Joys of Summer

I nearly started this column by saying that it's time to wrestle out of the doldrums of summer to prepare for the busy Fall months ahead, but really, does business ever slow down anymore? I haven't spoken to anyone lately who said they can't wait for things to pick up again; if anything, people are working harder than ever, ramping up with new projects, making acquisitions or integrating those that have already been executed. Ruthanne Terrero

But still, it's pleasant to insist on a time out and take advantage of the traditional joys summer does bring. In Manhattan, it means being able to visit the Farmers Markets throughout the city. We have one around the corner that's open every Wednesday. For me, that means stocking up on about 10 or so ears of white corn, which—trust me—is tough to drag home from work, but in the end, is all too worth it.

Another joy of summer is being able to work with interns who want to learn about the travel industry. We recently worked with the Academy of Travel & Tourism, which introduced us to Jessica Felipe. Although she was with us for just a short time, we taught her all we could about what we do at Travel Agent magazine. If you have the chance to meet up with this dynamic young woman, either next summer or after she graduates from high school, consider yourselves to be fortunate. She is one of travel's future rising stars.

Ruthanne Terrero, CTC EDITORIAL DIRECTOR [email protected]