Kirk Cassels' Weekly Wrap of User Comments: March 1-5

YTB, Traverus, being a home-based agent, the relationship between agents and online travel agencies (OTAs), Mexico resorts, and the government are all topics that rear their head often amongst the message boards of Travel Agent. You would think that the subject would get old after awhile but, with agents and readers always having something interesting and/or insightful to share, it's a different picnic platter every week. So let's take a look.

A Familiar Name

There's quite the history of comments about YTB and/or Traverus. I've been following it for so long that I almost feel like I know some of the readers personall. For instance, JJ and Drew are firing back and forth at each other at the report on the resignation of YTB's CFO while, over at an update on YTB's battle with the Illinois courts, the very same JJ (at least I assume) isn't backing down from Tracy. Click on through yourself for the full exchange.

I must admit I appreciate JJ more and more with every comment. I don't particularly agree or disagree with anything he/she says, but wish more readers would return to retort or support one another on our message boards.

Another Voice in the Minority

Traverus Travel has been subject to a lot of attacks from readers. In fact, it's gotten so heated that there's a potential court case involved. So when a reader posts a comment that is not in agreement with the majority, I enjoy giving them another venue for their voice. Here's what Georgia had to say about the company:

Do you know what a "paradigm shift" is? If you think the way you've been doing things is the only way to do things and that it should stay that way forever, then you are simply stuck in the old paradigm, and even if the proof was stapled to the end of your nose, you would ignore the obvious and stay with whatever is most comfortable for you.

Watch this video, "The New Business of Paradigms" at

After watching the video, ask yourself if you are a victim of "paradigm paralysis". Most people are, and you could be one of them.

TraVerus Travel, a true travel agency in every way. They saw the shifting paradigm a few years ago and went from your standard brick-and-mortar travel agency to an organization that allows individuals to work from. It is a fact that because of network marketing, billions of products/services are exchanged every year. If this were not the case, the business model would have collapsed decades ago.

An Experienced Endorsement

Whether an agent or a client, feed back from someone who's spent time at a new property is always helpful. So take a look at what Karoll had to say about a new resort in Puerto Vallarta:

I had the amazing opportunity of staying here in December 09, and although they are still constructing, the place is stunning! Truly Beautiful, its location is ideal, Garza Blanca's decor is outstanding, very elegant and sophisticated. I was also please by the professionalism of the staff, they were short on personel but always on point. Absolutely loved it!!

Anyone else out there want to share their thoughts on the property?

Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em?

When we first reported that Orbitz started a program the gives travel agents commissions, many were up in arms against the idea, with some exchanging in dialogue with and Orbitz VP on our Facebook page. But after pulling a comment from a thread on AgentNation in which an agent appears to support Orbitz's program, we wrote a litte something about it here at Travel Agent and it appears one agent concurs. Kathy wrote:

I signed up! Too many people price me against them, so I lose the client. If you can't beat them join them! Only challenge I still to do plane only service? The prices change by the minute so how do you get quotes to clients and them book them without riding the roller coaster?

Orbitz program does not do plane only it must be a package! I need help with this one, please???

If you check the discussion thread at AgentNation, you'll see that other agents appear to be on board with Orbitz's plan. Do you agree?

Whether it's a common topic or a new one, keep them coming. You can post them here at Travel Agent or at our Facebook page. You can also send a tweet to our Twitter page, or join the discussion at AgentNation. We want to hear from you.