Las Vegas Casino Workers Schedule Strike Vote

Casino workers in Las Vegas are threatening to strike if a new collective bargaining agreement isn't in place by September 12. The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 on Thursday announced it has scheduled a strike authorization vote on that day for workers who are still working without new contracts. The union represents over 60,000 workers in the Las Vegas gaming and hospitality industry. Approximately 50,000 members have been working at casinos whose collective bargaining agreements expired on June 1. Workers at seven Harrah's Entertainment properties have settled new contracts. The union has already been in talks with MGM Mirage since March, for new agreements covering more than 21,000 workers at nine properties. A strike could be potentially crippling for Las Vegas, whose bread and butter centers on guests occupying casinos and hotels, downtown and along The Strip. The most recent citywide strike of casino workers occurred in Atlantic City in 2004 when over 10,000 workers walked out for 31 days. The last strike in Las Vegas was in 1984 and lasted 67 days. The Culinary Union represents many classifications of workers including cocktail waitresses, cooks, bellmen and housekeepers.

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