Learn and Earn

With fall arriving, it is school-time again. Education and the sense of competition fills the air. Whether it is in the classroom, on the playing field or in business, the smartest always seem to win.

Travel agents make their biggest mistake when they are too quick to book a destination they are unfamiliar with. So how do you eliminate the risk of failure and loss? Educate yourself.

Unfortunately, our higher education system has not developed a curriculum on destinations. The Travel Institute does a great job in providing a base, but with thousands of destinations around the world, there will never be an educational institute that can cover them all. So what is an agent to do?

The first logical answer is “don’t try and educate yourself on the whole world, it is impossible.” Find destinations that you have a passion for, and that are popular with consumers. Look to your consortia for programs, or to Travel Agent magazine’s Travel Agent University. Attend Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas, December 1-3. Between the nearly 40 online courses at TAU and the live sessions at Luxury Travel Expo, we have educated 100,000 agents over the past 10 years. This is something we are proud of as the largest travel trade media company in the world.

Be sure to visit www.luxurytravelexpo.com for the complete conference program. There is a lot to learn and earn. Pictured above with me is the team from Reno Tahoe University. They are ready to educate you on both Travel Agent University and at Luxury Travel Expo.

See you in the classroom!