Liberty Travel’s New Web Series Spotlights the Value of Travel Agents

Photo by Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Looking for a way to spread awareness about the value of travel agents? Liberty Travel has a fun new web series, Destination Confidential, to share.

The first season, which debuts this week, pairs couple Tiffany and Abdul with travel consultant Lisa on planning a surprise vacation. You can watch a preview of the season here:

During the series the couple travels to Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort, just north of Cancun, Mexico, where they’re treated to a variety of travel agent-planned insider experiences like a trek to the ruins of Tulum, a meeting with a sommelier, a day trip to Isla Mujeres and a swim with dolphins.

Throughout, the series takes time to show the value travel agents can bring to a vacation by connecting clients with exclusive experiences they wouldn’t be able to book for themselves online.

“This has definitely been the experience of a lifetime and I thank Laura for planning this amazing vacation for us,” Tiffany says toward the end of the final episode. “We would never have done all of these things without her help.”

“I would definitely utilize a travel consultant again,” says Abdul.

So sharing this series in your social media feeds is a great way to keep spreading the word about the value travel agents can bring to the vacation planning process. The spontaneous trip aspect of the series is also a good way to keep people excited about travel, too.

The rest of the series is available at And if you’re looking for more ways to advertise the value of travel agents, our VP Content / Editorial Director Ruthanne Terrero’s recent column on Top New Reasons to Use a Real Travel Agent is another good item to share.