Lowcostbeds to Expand Further in Caribbean and Mexico

caribbeanLowcostbeds has announced a property contracting drive to cope with high travel agent demand for the Caribbean and Mexico. The Atlanta based trade only bed bank claims it has experienced far more demand for the region than initially anticipated from U.S. travel agents.
Almost 40 percent of all lowcostbeds sales were for Mexico and the Caribbean during the months of July and August. New York and Vegas were also big sellers while London, Paris and Rome were the key movers on the European front.
Lowcost’s Managing Director for the U.S. Clem Walshe said, “We are well aware  these are key destinations for US travel agents and this is quite a nice challenge for us to have in year one. Initial feedback from the trade indicates that a combination of our attractive product mix and competitive prices are the main reasons behind the rather significant spike we enjoyed in sales.”
More and more agents appear to be favoring the dynamic package holiday option in favor of booking with traditional tour operators as it provides customers with more flexibility and better value as well as improved commission earning potential for agents.  
Travel agents can avail of net rates or earn 15 percent commission on all accommodation prices and up to 20 percent on worldwide transfers on the Lowcostbeds site. Prices also include resort fees and taxes.

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