LTX Hits Its Marks

John McMahon

We seem to be getting mixed messages from the political front. In the same week that Hillary Clinton praised travel agents for their efforts and resilience at ASTA’s Global Convention and President Barack Obama again inferred on national television that travel agents don’t exist anymore. You can view his comments above. 

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The president also talked about how technology has been one of the biggest drivers of unemployment as we become more productive or redundant.

The reality, however, is that technology enables us to stay connected longer and we enter into this 24/7 work mode. Try not picking up your mobile devise on a weekend or during the evening after work hours. You can’t do it…I know I can’t. I suggest you don’t try as our world is leaving those behind that don’t stay connected. 

At last month’s Luxury Travel Exchange International, I met two agents who told me they liked the old format that allowed agents to work around freely on the trade floor and not have pre-set appointments. I had to explain politely to them how the efficiency of technology today enables you to have your appointment schedule set before you arrive, making LTX a more productive experience. 

Sometimes old habits are hard to break. Those agents could make President Obama’s statement true about them. We too are evolving with our show as well and constantly evaluating your needs to be educated and connected with suppliers from around the world.

Some of the 900-plus luxury travel advisors who attended LTX International in Las Vegas last month.

Some of the 900-plus luxury travel advisors who attended LTX International in Las Vegas last month.


This year’s LTX was another successful evolution of the event as we received our highest scores yet for our educational tracks and over 9,000 one-to-one meetings.

I hope to see you for years to come and maybe we should invite the president. He might be a little embarrassed to see so many travel agents alive and well—but, we hope, he would be enlightened, too.