Luxury Travel Expo Update: The Travel Institute Conference

The Travel Institute Conference, which will take place during Travel Week in conjunction with Luxury Travel Expo and Home-Based Travel Agent Expo & Conference on Tuesday, December 4, is shaping up nicely. This half-day workshop will consist of unique hands-on travel industry training. This is an exclusive offer for only Luxury Travel Expo and Home-Based Travel Agent Expo attendees.  Alicia Evanko, CMP

The conference will kick off with an inspiring address by the "King of Luxury," Horst Schulze, founding president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, who has just launched his own posh hotel company. Schulze will talk about what luxury really means for you and your clients.

Schulze served as the vice chairman of The Ritz-Carlton Company, L.L.C., from 2001 to 2002. Previously he was president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, a position he attained in 1988. In this capacity, Schulze was responsible for the $2 billion Ritz-Carlton operations, worldwide. Schulze is a charter member of Ritz-Carlton, which he joined in January 1983 as vice president of operations. In this capacity, he was instrumental in the conceptualization of the operating and service standards of the newly formed company. In 1987, he was appointed executive vice president. The Travel Institute Conference Schedule:

Next, you will hear from visionary Scott Klososky, a former CEO of three successful startup companies and a "trendnology" expert. Klososky delivers fresh observations and explains complicated topics related to technology trends with ease so that they can be digested and put into practice immediately with positive results.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

As a registered attendee of Luxury Travel Expo or Home-Based Travel Agent Expo, the fees for the conference are $55 for a Travel Institute member, $65 for the early-bird registration (for non members) through August 31 and $95 for regular registration after August 31. The Travel Institute Conference registration fee is in addition to those for the Luxury Travel Expo and the Home-Based Travel Agent Expo & Conference.

The early-bird rates for Luxury Travel Expo ($35 through August 31 and $55 after that) and Home-Based Travel Agent Expo ($15 through August 31 and $20 after that) expire on August 31. Be sure to register to take advantage of the enhanced education The Travel Institute Conference will offer you.

Alicia Evanko, CMP Show Director [email protected]