Market Opportunity: Nakationing is Growing Industry

Nude recreation and nude travel has grown into a $400 million global industry, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) reports, suggesting solid market demand. And, the AANR says,  it has nearly 50,000 members and 270 clothes-free and clothing-optional resorts, clubs and RV campgrounds throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean that are continuing to welcome new members of varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Nude recreation, or Nakation, is more popular than ever, says Trip Advisor, citing a new survey, released by Trip Advisor in its  2011 “nude beach survey results.” The survey reveals that  nearly half of Americans (49%) would bare it all at a nude beach (up from 48% in 2010, and 31% in 2009). Thirty two percent of respondents indicated they would not, while 19 percent remain on the fence about taking the skinny dip plunge, Trip Advisor says.

To spark interest the AANR offered Nude Recreation Week (July 4-10), when member clubs encourage non-members to dip their toes into the clothing-optional and clothes-free beach, lake or pool experience.

Unsure whether you or your clients are game? The AANR provides the following simple rules of beach etiquette to assist first timers with their visit to a nude beach or member resort:

Rule #1: -- Respect wildlife and environmentally fragile areas. Beaches are often in areas safeguarding endangered species of fowl, fish and fauna. Therefore, avoid endangering the habitat with fire, pollution, or even potentially dangerous foodstuffs.
Rule #2: -- Keep the beach clean. Not only does AANR suggest that beachgoers clean up after themselves, but they advocate that sunbathers “take more trash out than you brought in."
Rule #3: -- For those visiting the nude section of a local beach, dress before leaving designated clothing optional use areas.
Rule #4: -- Respect yourself and others. Demonstrate respect for others by following appropriate rules of conduct.
Rule #5: -- Be polite to everyone.
Rule #6: -- Especially when on a nude beach, always get permission before taking scenic photographs.
Rule #7: -- Use headsets or keep radio volumes turned low. Most beach goers visit the beach to rest and relax.
Rule #8: -- Whenever possible, walk along the shoreline. Not only is it more refreshing, but you avoid kicking sand up at the people you pass.
Rule #9: -- Always carry a towel with you when you leave your spot on the beach. Whether to sit on or wrap around yourself when you walk to public areas such as picnic benches, food stands, restrooms, etc., you will be more comfortable, as will those around you.
Rule #10: -- Observe local beach rules and safety regulations. When you arrive at a local beach, look for posted signs indicating beach rules and regulations – including hours, rules for swimming, designated areas for biking and roller-blading and parking.

“When it is practiced in appropriate areas, such as clothing-optional beaches and AANR member nudist clubs, parks and resorts, nude recreation is a natural way to enjoy a relaxing experience for individuals, couples and families,” says Susan Weaver, AANR President.

Celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, the AANR’s Nude Recreation Week gave first-timers a chance to shed stress by giving clothes-free recreation a try without the commitment of membership. This annual celebration is open for individuals, couples and families to visit one of over 250 clothing optional and clothes-free clubs affiliated with the AANR.



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