MAST Travel to Hold Third Annual Owner’s Summit

MAST Travel Network will convene with agency owners on June 7 for the consortia’s Third Annual Owner’s Summit, a high-intensity one-day conference to be held at the Gleacher Center of the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business in downtown Chicago.

Speakers include travel attorney, Mark Pestronk, presenting two sessions. The first is on customer waivers and disclaimer forms and the risk and liabilities for travel agencies. In the afternoon, Pestronk will lead a second session on independent contractors: structuring the relationship and appropriately dealing with IRS and State employment classification.

Vicki Freed, Senior Vice-President, North America Sales and Trade Support and Services, for Royal Caribbean International will speak on the cruise industry and its relationship with travel agents, trends, and what the future holds.

Also, speaking is industry sales trainer, John Dalton, presenting a workshop on agent compensation and formulas for profitability.

MAST will also host its annual Town Hall meeting in which agency owners ask questions, make comments, and express their opinions about industry issues, agency operations, and MAST’s services and programs. The meeting is free to MAST members.

MAST Travel Network has nearly 200 agency members in 10 states and Canada. For membership information, travel agents are advised to contact John Werner, president and COO, at 630-889-9817 or email him at [email protected]



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