MedjetAssist Hosts 2015 Travel Agent Advisory Panel

medjet assist panel 2015MedjetAssist, a global air-medical transport membership program for travelers, released this week an overview of its 2015 Travel Agent Advisory Panel (TAAP) that the company hosted on June 10. 

For three consecutive years, MedjetAssist has hosted panel discussions that have ranged from sales tools to travel experiences. This year, the company aimed to educate travel professionals on the advantages of Medjet for the smart traveler, exhibit Horizon, the company’s latest product, and receive feedback on Medjet’s sales and product marketing. 

The panel consisted of five top travel professionals from across the country. According to the company, a main takeaway from the forum was that agents mainly sold Medjet to clients traveling internationally. As a result, Medjet encouraged its panelists to encourage their clients to purchase its membership for all types of travel, noting that most of its transports are domestic.