Mobile Technology to Revolutionise Corporate Travel

A new report by Amadeus and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has found that mobile technology is set to transform the entire travel experience for business travelers. It will improve access to information and services to ease their trip and by enabling corporate travel managers to increase travel policy compliance.

The "Upwardly Mobile" whitepaper, unveiled at the ACTE Global Education Conference in Washington, D.C., included 72 corporate travel managers from across the globe who were surveyed on their views of how mobile technology is impacting business travel. In addition, more than 30 interviews with both corporate travel managers and technology experts were conducted.

The findings show that mobile technology will revolutionize business travel by allowing travelers to book and amend flights, make hotel reservations, complete expense forms while on the road and, in doing so, increase their flexibility, welfare and productivity. Mobile travel technology can also provide travelers with other time saving features, such as flight check-in, virtual room “keys,” as well as electronic boarding passes sent directly to their mobile devices, according to the report.

As a result, employees will spend less time on travel-related tasks in the office, instead performing them while traveling. Implemented across the entire business, these functions will deliver substantial cost savings for companies through increased productivity and efficiency.

“Upwardly Mobile” also found that mobile technology will help the corporate travel managers meet travel policy requirements, delivering improvements in employee security during business trips – 100 percent of respondents said “tracking and communication of travelers for security purposes” was a major benefit of mobile technology. Agents can download the “Upwardly Mobile” whitepaper at:

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