Monograms Launches MBA Specialist Program

travel agentMonograms reports it is introducing an independent travel specialist program for travel agents called “MBA,” an acronym for “Monograms Booking Agent.” The move follows Monograms unveiling its 2013 vacations and itineraries including three brochures featuring North America, Europe and exotic destinations, 

“Travel agents and travelers crave an independent vacation solution that’s as easy and reliable as a cruise or a tour,” said Vice President of Sales Paula Hayes. “Our MBA Program is designed to motivate and educate agents on the simplicity of Monograms.”

The Monograms specialist program simply requires agents to score at least 90 percent on an MBA exam (by 3/31/13). To do this, the Monograms sales team recommends agents take part in three, core online modules:

Module 1: The Case for Simplified Travel.

Module 2: By Destination – How We Do It.

Module 3: How Do I Sell Monograms and to Whom?

Monograms said its 2013 Product Webinars are also available for interested agents. “When agents receive an MBA degree and become an independent travel specialist, they will earn more and work less,” said Hayes.  “In fact, they can earn twice as much than with ordinary FIT in a third of the time.”

Some of the perks cited by Monograms' for participants include:

Getting 50 percent off any Monograms worldwide package, any time.

Earning CEUs with The Travel Institute

Receiving a $50 Visa gift card with the first deposited booking, post MBA

Having the chance to win a free Monograms trip for two

Garnering an MBA diploma and logo

Receiving complimentary marketing materials, customized press release and video

In addition, those agents that graduate the program and earn their MBA early (by 12/14/12) will be entered to win an iPad.  


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