Most Americans Would Like to Live Someplace Else

The Most and Least Popular Cities in the Survey:

Most Popular:

Denver   43%

San Diego   40%

Seattle   38%

Orlando   34%

San Francisco   34%

Tampa   34%

Least Popular:

Detroit   8%

Cleveland   10%

Cincinnati   13%

Kansas City   15%

Minneapolis   16%

Pittsburgh  17%

In a sure sign that the wanderlust of most Americans will always remain strong, a recent survey commissioned by the Pew Research Center showed that nearly half of all Americans would like to live someplace else.

Denver was the most popular location, with 43 percent of people saying they would prefer to live there. San Diego and Seattle were among the top picks as well, while Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati were the least favorite.

The survey also revealed where certain types of Americans are likely to be drawn. Democrats favor San Francisco; Phoenix is popular among Republicans; young people prefer urban areas; more men than women want to live in Las Vegas; and women are more likely than men to prefer New York.

The results of the survey confirm that while most Americans are happy where they live, they maintain a desire to explore what the many U.S. destinations have to offer.

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