Most Social Travel Advisor – Stacy Small

stacy small

In conjunction with our recent cover story “Social Media Tips From the Experts,” we reached out to travel agents who are at the top of their game when it comes to social media. Here is our top winner, ranked by Klout score.

With an average Klout score of 78, Stacy Small is a leader in travel social media. She is most active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path and Pinterest and has recently launched a digital magazine, Elite Travel Style, on Flipboard.

“I devote a lot of time to managing my own social media accounts as I strongly believe this is something you have to do in order to achieve your goals in this arena,” Small said. “It is very obvious to me when a high-level executive is handling their own accounts and when they are not. I think these platforms are the perfect way to connect directly with your current and potential clients, and if you are turning this task over to someone else then it defeats the entire purpose of engaging directly “

Small’s top tip? “Choose a catchy handle that reflects what you do, follow key people and not be afraid to engage with them, post interesting content on a regular basis and stay current.,” Small said. “Retweeting others’ interesting content often as sharing and engaging is what the true success of social media truly centers around.”

Using social media has caused Small’s business to skyrocket, she said. Her proudest moment came when she connected with a client in Silicon Valley on Twitter by answering the client’s question about the upcoming trip. That conversation, Small said, turned “not only into a booking for that special trip but for dozens to follow for him as well as tons of his friends and colleagues.”

You can find Small on Facebook here.

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