New Agent Tech Tool Customizes E-Mail

Ophir Tours, a Carlson Wagonlit travel partner in Israel, has found a way to stand out in the online travel business using truvle technology. The agency is providing travelers with customized e-mail airline itineraries using truvle technology’s system.

Clients receive e-ticket itineraries with the agency’s logo as well as targeted ads and links to a wealth of useful trip information. By adopting the truvle software, the agency also receives a portion of the advertising revenue it generates.

The truvle software enables agents to provide comprehensive, Expedia-like travel services. The software is free and requires no additional training. Agents continue to work as usual. The only difference is when they’re ready to send the e-itinerary, they click a truvle button instead of a GDS one. The software wraps e-docs in the clean, contemporary truvle design with customized, value-added content about the destination.

The truvle technology works with multiple GDS systems to automatically pick up the passenger’s profile, including destination, travel dates, flight class and other criteria. Then it tailors information to fit the profile. Everything comes directly from Ophir Tours on e-ticket itineraries with the agency’s logo.

Ophir Tours’ e-itineraries display options for entertainment, events, family travel, restaurants and more. These icons serve as portals to the traveler’s personal home page, where he/she can see what’s available in the destination that might be of interest while he is there. Clients can make restaurant reservations and purchase tickets for concerts, shows, sporting events and more. Content is updated continually. Other helpful information on the Ophir Tours e-itinerary includes destination maps, weather updates, currency exchange rates, news, sports scores, airport facts, and photos.

With airline check-in links and easy integration into Microsoft Outlook, the software lets Ophir Tours’ clients check in for flights and view trip details on their laptops and mobile devices while on the go. Busy travelers get a portable, one-stop source on flights and relevant options for restaurants, sporting events, cultural attractions and more.

Agencies can reserve the banners on the e-itineraries for their own advertising. Or, like Ophir Tours, they can let other advertisers use the banners, and the agency splits the revenue with truvle.