New Name, New Structure for Pro Travel Network

Pro Travel Network Inc. has officially undergone a name change to PTN Inc., and will serve as a parent company to five separate operating divisions that will be launched this year beginning June 1.

CEO Paul Henderson explained, "PTN is a travel-related company with several travel-related offerings. With the launch of several new products on the horizon, we believed that rather than launching them under the Pro Travel Network name, we would launch them as fully separate operating divisions, since they have very little in common with our current Pro Travel Network model."

He added, "This is an exciting time for us, as we believe the fallout of the economic recession has also opened up tremendous opportunities for us. Remaining debt-free has allowed us to focus on growth rather than on debt service. We have been spending the last several months working quietly on several new initiatives that are all scheduled to launch by year's end."

The Pro Travel Network brand will now be one of the five distinct PTN global ventures. 

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