New Technology Helps Track Rewards Programs

smartphoneAgents with clients having difficulty managing frequent flyer/reward points may find a new service valuable. Called UsingMiles ( the site helps people manage and redeem their miles and points from the multitude of loyalty programs.

UsingMiles notes that many travelers are often overwhelmed  by the task of tracking and using rewards. In fact, roughly $16 billion in miles expire each year, often because consumers find it too confusing and time-consuming to keep track of all their various membership and loyalty programs, Using Miles says.

UsingMiles lets travelers/consumers track their points and miles—and even their daily deals coupons – all in one place. The site gives travelers an app for skillfully managing all their membership and loyalty programs, like United Mileage Plus, Delta SkyMiles, Marriott Rewards, Hyatt Gold Passport, Groupon, Starbucks and more, Using Miles reports. 

With UsingMiles, consumers can:
·         Track program miles and points with over 170 loyalty programs: airlines, hotels, credit cards, daily deals, restaurants and more, without needing to read every email alert.
·         Streamline the process of miles and reward points with an easy-to-use “dashboard” that puts all the info for multiple programs at one’s fingertips.
·          UsingMiles alerts users when miles and points are expiring so they never lose any hard-earned rewards.
·         Book free travel using miles, points, or cash.
·         Find the most relevant bonus deals each time one shops or travels.

UsingMiles founder Krista Paul says her goal was to create a service that helps travelers stop losing miles and points, while making it easy for them to get the most value out of their rewards. She also wanted to help travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, credit cards, etc.) provide loyal customers with the best offers during the search experience.

UsingMiles is based in Denver and was recently named to Entrepreneur magazine’s list of 100 Brilliant Companies and was named “Best Flight Management App” by Inc. magazine. 

Basic membership is free but premier membership is $29.99. 


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