New Program Reaches Two Million reports that more than 200 members opted in to the inaugural offer from its new e-Engagementplus program, featuring an email campaign that reached more than 2,000,000 households. The five-day sale generated over $750,000 in sales.

“Our members immediately recognized the benefits of e-Engagementplus and took advantage of this exclusive Vcom offer,” said Steve Tracas,’s president and CEO. “The program got off to a phenomenal start, as more than two million travelers now have a compelling incentive to contact a member agency.”

Created through a partnership with Dunhill Vacations, e-Engagementplus gives members the opportunity to ‘rent’ email addresses of high-intent travelers. These email addresses come from Dunhill’s database of U.S. names and are allocated to members based on a zip code radius from the agency’s headquarters.

“E-Engagementplus features limited-time offers not available anywhere else,” said Stephen McGillivray,’s vice president of Marketing. “They are chosen for one specific purpose: to make our members’ phones ring, which the NCL offer successfully did.” members can visit to opt-in to the e-Engagementplus program.


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