New York State Sales Tax Implemented

Carey customers are being advised of a new 4 percent sales tax in New York state.  New York approved the new sales tax on chauffeured car services that went into effect June 1, 2009. This additional tax is a part of New York Governor David Paterson's 2009-2010 state budget. The New York State chauffeured car trade associations sought a temporary restraining order to prevent the immediate roll out of this tax, however this effort was unsuccessful, Carey said in a letter from Joel Barch, vice president of customer experience.

The new statewide sales tax of 4 percent will be applied to all pickups and drop offs within New York State.  An additional local sales tax will be charged based upon the pickup county. For example, pickups located in the five boroughs of New York City will add an additional 4.375 percent, for a total of 8.375 percent. 

Other New York State counties could tax as high as 4.75 percent, totaling 8.75 percent. Trips originating or ending outside of the state of New York will not be taxed. This tax only applies to chauffeured driven vehicles with capacities of 14 passengers or under, and does not apply to mini-buses or motor-coaches. Carey operates in more than 550 cities and 60 countries worldwide.