Nexion Introduces “ResReview” Quality Control Technology

CoNexion 2014 general session // Photo by Nexion
CoNexion 2014 general session // Photo by Nexion

Nexion reports the introduction of  its mid-office quality control system, ResReview. The new tool provides increased efficiency and sophistication to agents’ quality control procedures for their bookings – including credit card verification, scanning for eligible commissions and providing client invoices, Nexion says.

The technology will  assist Nexion agents who include air bookings in their mix of business, the group says. ResReview will support all Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan GDS users, in addition to all Nexion agents using SNAP! - Nexion's air program. Details on ResReview were announced at Nexion’s annual CoNexion conference underway in Orlando, FL.

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Nexion vice president Robbi Hamida said the system continuously receives updated information on existing partner agreements, ensuring booking accuracy and reducing the number of potential errors. Agents can individualize itineraries according to their agency’s brand and incorporate service fees into one, centralized invoice.

ResReview also searches for all eligible commission opportunities, Nexion says. The system analyzes, corrects and provides agents with detailed information at the time of ticketing, ensuring agents receive any and all commissions they are entitled to.

ResReview also allows agents to process service fees with no additional steps, as well as enabling them to effortlessly void a processed ticket.

ResReview strengthens the ability for agents to reduce the risk of fraudulent charges occurring, says Nexion president, Jackie Friedman

ResReview also gives agents the capability to provide clients with more personalized invoices that automatically include Seller of Travel information and itineraries that incorporate links specific to a traveler’s baggage information and weather reports. There are also links to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Department of Transportation.

In addition, Nexion says, ResReview offers Internet calendar sharing capabilities to provide clients with digital attachments and notifications regarding air, car and hotel confirmations. The system also confirms that each client is taking advantage of obtaining eligible frequent flyer miles, as well as hotel and car rental reward programs.