Nexion Launches Program to Bolster Agents' Careers

Nexion's PowerUP! program for new travel agents which features exclusive training and mentorship opportunities will be available for agents at Booth #313 at the Home-Based Travel Agent Expo and at the our "Get in the Driver’s Seat…Accelerate Your Success" seminar at 2:15 p.m., December 3.

Nexion aims to show home-based agents that, with Nexion, they can keep up to 100 percent of top-tier commissions; benefit from over 75 preferred suppliers and exclusive cruise block space; increase productivity with booking and administrative tools; commission tracking; reporting and exclusive supplier offers; access one of the four major GDS’ with full ticket fulfillmentl grow business with targeted marketing; interact with over 50 staff members, dedicated to supporting business; connect with other members through Nexion Boot Camps and Conferences; and learn while earning in Nexion University or Nexion Power UP!

Offer ends December 31.


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