Nexion Offers Self-Booking Tool for Agents

Nexion reports the launch of CorporateConnect tool to assist Nexion agents with small- to mid-sized corporate clients.  CorporateConnect integrates an air, car, hotel and rail booking tool exclusively for Nexion agents with a personalized landing page – through their existing websites – incorporating the name and logo of the travel agency or corporate client. 

Through the landing page, agents are able to recommend and/or prioritize airlines, car rental companies and hotels that meet the customers’ requirements. CorporateConnect also enables Nexion agents to customize policies such as low-fare acceptance, Nexion says.

Nexion President Jackie Friedman, commented: “As a corporate travel solution, CorporateConnect benefits our Nexion agents who use Sabre because now they are able to secure business at any time by allowing corporate clients to book travel arrangements at their convenience. In addition, the option to incorporate a customized CorporateConnect landing page into an existing website empowers Nexion agents to tailor specific messaging to their corporate audience.”

CorporateConnect is a feature of Nexion’s comprehensive package enabling agents become more effective entrepreneurs and stay focused on their success, Nexion says. CorporateConnect is available to Nexion agents utilizing Sabre as their GDS for a one-time agent activation fee of $550 per site and an ongoing monthly maintenance fee of $65 per site.

Nexion is a wholly-owned branch of Tzell Travel Group, a Travel Leaders Group company.


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