Nippon Express First TMC to Use Travelport/Rearden

Travelport and Rearden Commerce report that several U.S. travel management companies (TMCs) have committed to offer the joint Travelport and Rearden Commerce solution to its corporate customers who need a travel and spending management platform.

A Travelport-branded version of Rearden Personal Assistant is being offered to Travelport-connected TMCs in the U.S. who are seeking more than the air, car and hotel services traditionally provided. Nippon Express is the first customer that Travelport has signed to this new solution says. Cain Travel also gives the platform rave reviews. The joint offering will provide TMCs with a best-of-breed solution that combines the full breadth of services offered via the Rearden Commerce Platform and the Travelport GDS platforms.

“Three years ago, we decided to make the Rearden Commerce Platform our go-to technology solution,” said Michael Cain, president of Cain Travel. “During that time, we have seen 50 percent ARC sales growth and a 300 percent growth in online fulfillment.” Cain said.

The joint solution provides corporations critical control and end-to-end spending management capabilities, and can produce cost savings, increased adoption, and employee satisfaction. The platform also includes the location-aware Mobile Personal Assistant that incorporates corporate policies and gives individuals access to personalized travel itinerary information.



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