Onsite: US-VISIT to Require 10 Fingerprints

ANAHEIM, CA-Travel Agent was on site at the Travel Industry Association's International PowWow for the press briefing by Robert Mocny, the director of US-VISIT, a program run by the U.S Department of Homeland Security, where he discussed the controversial decision to change the requirement that international travelers scan 10 instead of two fingerprints upon entry to the U.S. Despite grumblings among the international press about "Big Brother" and fear of further delays, Mocny defended the change, saying it was necessary to improve security and to cut down on false matches with suspected terrorists and criminals, which require the traveler to undergo a time-consuming second screening. By increasing the accuracy, Mocny says it will help make the program more efficient. The 10-print technology will be tested in 10 U.S. airports this year, and the full program will roll out between March and December of 2008. Mocny said the United Kingdom and the European Union are testing similar programs, as are Australia and Japan. Visit [www.dhs.gov].