Paris Is Tops, Says Survey

In a global city image study conducted by GFK roper Public Affairs & Media, Paris was named the top overall city "brand." The report, the 2009 Anholt-GFK Roper City Brands Index, seeks to capture the perception and reputation of 50 major cities worldwide.

The top 10 cities from the survey are:

1. Paris
2. Sydney
3. London
4. Rome
5. New York
6. Barcelona
7. San Francisco
8. Los Angeles
9. Vienna
10. Madrid

"The index measures the world's perception of each city, which influences people's choices on where to live, work and vacation," says Simon Anholt, founder of City Brands Index.

Those polled in the survey are asked to rate their agreement with statements about 50 cities. The rankings are divided into six categories: Presence (knowledge of city), Place (cleanliness and aesthetic quality), Pre-requisites (affordable accommodations), People (friendliness, cultural diversity), Pulse (interesting events, activities and lifestyles) and Potential (perception as a good place to do business, find a job and go to school).