Passport Offers Cruise Booking Engine For Signature Travel

Passport Online Inc. reports it is making its debut appearance at the annual Signature Travel conference after inking a deal as the new cruise booking engine provider for Signature agencies’ consumer facing websites. Passport says it is now providing its Tandem cruise booking engine program integrated with Signature’s travel agency website program.

The initial launch will be for consumer booking engine capabilities. Consumers using the booking engine can connect directly with their Signature agency at any time during the process with a simple click of their mouse. The agency will be able to jump in and retrieve the booking in mid-process and provide their personal service and expertise to their customer.

Both companies say they are working to link Signature’s travel agent program to Tandem business- to business for travel agent booking capabilities as well.

“We are pleased to establish a relationship with Signature to expand our reach with this product,” said Greg Kott, president and CEO of Passport Online Inc.

Tandem is the first online cruise booking engine designed to focus on both marketing and booking capabilities for travel agents, integrating email marketing, consumer website shopping and real travel agent consulting and expertise into the solution, Passport says.

Since the initial launch in late 2010, Passport Online has enhanced the search functionality on both the consumer and agent side, added the ability to book Access America trip insurance directly within the booking path and added Tandem to TRAMS Live Connect, allowing an agent to move customer profile data into the cruise booking process from Client Base Plus.