Passport Online Adds Blue Sky Tours

Passport Online Inc. has added Blue Sky Tours to its list of major cruise, tour, destination and hotel suppliers. Travel agents who have Passport Online’s NexCite (a full online program) or VacationPort (a web content system) now have access to all content provided to Passport from Blue Sky Tours.

Blue Sky Tours, a wholesaler to Hawaii, has been selling custom designed vacation packages since 1981. Blue Sky Tours only works through travel agents.

This new alliance with Passport Online will allow Blue Sky Tours to be part of the electronic marketing opportunities afforded to Passport customers. Consumers, shopping on their personal travel agent’s website, will be able to explore the product offerings of Blue Sky Tours with every call to action going directly back to the travel agent.

"Passport Online Inc. has been a leader in enabling travel agents to build their businesses electronically," said Kevin Wilmore, vice president/general manager of Blue Sky Tours. "Their systems provide website, email marketing and social media solutions for travel agents. We know this marriage of our tour content with their system can only continue to grow our strong partnership with the travel agency community."