Passport Online Launches TripBlip

TripBlip, a new program from Passport Online Inc., allows travel agents to deliver targeted travel promotions directly to consumers 24 hours a day. It will also help consumers break through the clutter of the Internet and deliver personalized vacation offers directly to them, Passport Online says.

“Consumers are loyal to their travel agents, but they are also accustomed to service on demand and high technology solutions," said Greg Kott, president of Passport Online. "Now, thanks to TripBlip, qualifying travel agents who have a NexCite website or a subscription to VacationPort can offer their customers TripBlip. TripBlip allows traditional travel agents to extend their customer relationships to the Internet world.” NexCite and VacationPort are Passport Online products.

Consumers can access personalized travel offers using TripBlip’s Web 2.0 technology by linking TripBlip directly to their computer desktop with a simple click from a travel agency website. The consumer creates their vacation wish list with an easy-to-use application (up to three different trip profiles can be entered), and TripBlip starts searching for the best deals.

The TripBlip icon on the consumer’s desktop toolbar will notify them that deals matching one of their wish lists have been delivered.  Only vacation offers that are a 100-percent match will be delivered.  A simple click on the icon will let the consumer view the offers, and click to a website view for more details and to connect directly with their agent. 

TripBlip has been in development for almost two years. The design incorporates the ability for the agent to assure that their preferred supplier relationships are protected and only their designated suppliers will be including in their customer’s matches. “We wanted to ensure that TripBlip would be flexible enough to support the wide variety of travel types, as well as the diversity of travel sellers, but we also wanted to be sure it protected the preferred vendor relationships that support an agent’s bottom line,” stated Kott. 

Graphically embedded in each individual TripBlip is the travel agency branding and contact information, which ensures that clients maintain their link to their agency. It also allows clients to send TripBlip to their friends, who will also now be connected with the same travel agency. Visit

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