Passport Online Offers Agents Online Resources

Passport Online Inc., the internet marketing solutions company, has given its own corporate web site a complete overhaul. The new site offers increased functionality, new product demonstrations, social media connections, easy access to the company’s portfolio of internet-based products and services and quick links to relevant news releases and blog posts regarding products and services.

"We power more than 4,000 travel agent web sites and provide internet marketing services to more than 20,000 individual travel agents," said Greg Kott, president and CEO of Passport Online. "We always remind them to be sure their digital storefront (their website) is fresh and up to date. We know, by the activity at our trade show booths, the attendance at our seminars and the call volume to our customer service desk that the travel agency community wants to upgrade its web presence."

On the new corporate web site, agents can access the new Passport Online social media tools and products. Agents can research the web site tools available and review the comprehensive list of nearly 100 travel industry suppliers whose content is accessible through the Passport Online system.

Passport Online's blog has also been updated to match the look of the new web site.



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