Passport Online Partners with Travmarket

Passport Online Inc., the internet marketing firm, reports it has enhanced its Agent SociaLink content through a new partnership with Travel Research Online’s sister company Travmarket.

Agent SociaLink is a proprietary website that provides content from a variety of sources allowing agents to pick and choose information to add to social media outlets including Twitter, Blogs and Facebook.

This new content service is designed to offer new tools to make it easier for agents to participate in social media, and more choices for agents as they populate their travel agent social media sites using a clickable database of content.

“Travmarket is pleased to enter into this partnership with Passport Online. Our content and Passport’s new social media delivery platform will provide agents with an unbeatable library from which to choose articles and video that are pro-travel agent and privately labeled. Travmarket will be continually updating its content and providing fresh, exciting materials for agents to share with their clients,” said Richard B. Earls, Travel Research Online

The new video content will be simple to add to agent Facebook and Twitter feeds. Agents will be able to click the twitter “t”, customize a message and click submit. The new articles will work just like the current supplier guest blogs, in a simple cut and paste format for blog or Facebook usage.
With the Agent SociaLink program participating agents receive:

Real-time, updated links to online popular travel related articles. Agents can quickly glance at a list of headlines to find a story that is interesting to you or your clients and with a click of a button you can share that story with all your followers on Twitter or Facebook.

“Build a Blog Post” to guide agents through the creation of unique blog posts within minutes. Simply follow the prompts to craft an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhanced blog post, complete with links to corresponding offers on the agency website. Once the blog post is constructed, click on the button, copy and paste the custom post over to your blog and publish.

Access to Supplier Guest Blogs. These blog posts are provided to Passport Online from our top suppliers in all product categories. Suppliers will deliver interesting informational blogs which can be customized to use directly on an agency blog or Facebook page.

For Passport Online VacationPort or NexCite customers, links to supplier offers on their agency websites will automatically be embedded within the posts. Now, access to a portfolio of dozens of video feeds highlighting destinations and travel types, such as honeymoons, destination weddings and family travel.

“As with any internet based product, Agent SociaLink will continue to evolve and change. No web based product can stay the same, it has to change and grow or it will die. We will continue to analyze additional partnerships or content opportunities to help grow this valuable resource and help our travel agent customers really participate in social media discussions,” said Greg Kott, President and CEO of Passport Online.

Pricing for existing Passport Online customers is $25 per month. For agencies with other website programs Agent SociaLink is $45 a month. For further information on the new Agent SociaLink product visit