Passport Requirement Update

The State Department and Department of Homeland Security is temporarily allowing U.S. citizens to fly to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and other Western Hemisphere countries without a passport if they show valid photo identification and proof that a passport application has been submitted. The process will be in effect through September 30, 2007. Although adults who have applied for, but not yet received, a passport should present government issued photo I.D. and official proof of application from the U.S. Department of State, children under the age of 16 traveling with their parents or legal guardian will be permitted to travel with the child's proof of application. Travelers who have not applied for passports will not be accommodated. The new rule requiring passports for everyone entering the U.S. from Western Hemisphere countries has been in effect since January 23. Right now, the requirement only applies to travelers entering the U.S. by air; however, new passport requirements applying to those who enter by car or cruise ship will be implemented no later than June 1, 2009. U.S citizens with pending passport applications can obtain proof of application at [].