Puerto Rican Tourism Company Partners With ALICE

View of San Juan in Puerto Rico
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ALICE, a hospitality technology company based in New York, is collaborating with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and Roca Marketing to create a mobile service platform for each hotel and visitor. Called “My Puerto Rico,” it’s designed to elevate hotel performance and guest experience.

The application is intended to connect guests to the island and help hotels distinguish themselves by offering personalized service. The partnership between ALICE and Roca Marketing will make it available for every hotel on the island in an overall effort to bolster Puerto Rico as a potential holiday destination.

“My Puerto Rico” lets hotel-goers directly communicate their needs to their place of stay. On the other side, hotels can utilize the app to deliver services. ALICE says it’s a means to enhance hotel ratings and guest-retention rates.

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ALICE has recently acquired concierge software provider GoConcierge to improve its concierge technology and customer service offering. The hospital technology company, founded in 2013, has worked with hotel brands including Two Roads Hospitality, Dream Hotel Group, Grupo Posadas, SIXTY Hotels, NYLO Hotels, and Leading Hotels of the World. The Puerto Rican Tourism Company, founded in 1970, is a corporation that oversees the development of the tourism industry. It provides visitor orientation and technical assistance to investors.

For more information, visit www.aliceplatform.com.

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