Qatar Airways Achieves Highest Level NDC Certification

Qatar Airways reports is has achieved the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) NDC Level 3 Certification, demonstrating its use of the latest technological standards in providing information about airfares and other services to customers and to travel agents or another third party.

NDC ensures that customers have fast access to full fare and travel product information, making for better decisions and easier transactions for travelers, Qatar Airways said. IATA has led this industry-wide initiative to standardize the way that airlines and travel service providers communicate with one another and customers. This certification, the highest level to be achieved under IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) Certification Program, aims to provide increased transparency and speed of communication, allowing customers access to a wider choice of products and services, enabling them to make more informed buying decisions.

Qatar Airways said it is the first airline in the Africa and Middle East region and second globally to implement the latest version of the standard. It shows that the airline is committed to improving the experience for its passengers at every part of their journey, both on the ground and in the air.

Technology provider TPConnects has been chosen to provide the technology link between airline, service providers and customers to a new global standard.

In a written release TPConnects Chief Executive Officer Rajendran Vellapalath said, "Travel agents using TPConnects NDC Certified B2B Aggregator Platform and Booking Engine will be able to access Qatar Airways prices, inventory and fares directly, including ancillary and fare family content, using NDC Offers and Orders."

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