Remembering a Travel Agent Family Member

I wanted to let you know that we lost a member of the Travel Agent family over Christmas. Charles Doherty had worked here as art director from 1994 up until 2006. When I think back on the impact Charles had on the publication, it is dizzying, as he worked on nearly 1,000 issues.

Aside from his artistic talent and keen professionalism, Charles, who was a graduate of Ducret School of Art, Plainfield, and Parsons School of Design, New York City, was a wonderful colleague; in fact, I always said I’d love to have him as a next-door neighbor. That’s because he was always willing to help with anything at all, besides being a great conversationalist.

Marilyn Hiris, our production director, who worked with Charles during his entire tenure, recalls how he loved designing Travel Agent’s covers and providing multiple options for consideration. “Charles truly took pride in what he did and always strived to give each issue his all,” she says.

Debbie Sheehan, currently our art director, who also worked with Charles for many years, remembers how friendly he was with everyone in the office and how he often brought donuts in for the staff on Fridays.

“Charles enjoyed being a leader and giving new hires a chance, eager to share his design knowledge with them. He pushed for what he believed in design-wise. Conversing with Charles, you could be sure to hear about his love for Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and all things New Jersey,” she recalls.

“I remember marveling at the knowledge Charles had about the people in the publishing and advertising industry,” Sarah Ross, our production manager, says. “He was an absolute directory of who was where and doing what. Charles really enjoyed keeping up with the people in the industry, and if you wanted to know where someone had moved to, Charles knew!”

If you have any past issues of Travel Agent up until the year 2006, you will see Charles’ work there. But here, at the publication, we believe his spirit will always live on and we’re appreciative of the wonderful memories Charles left us.  

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