Results! Travel Offers Corporate Booking Tools

Results! Travel reports that the franchise agency network will provide a suite of corporate booking tools, at significant cost-savings, to its network of nearly 700 agencies nationwide. The corporate travel solutions available to Results! Travel members include offerings from: Concur, RESX and nuTravel.

The news was released during Results! Travel's National Meeting at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.

“Our aim continues to be finding ways to help our members operate their businesses more efficiently and more profitably. By giving them access to a variety of online corporate booking tools at pricing they wouldn’t be able to get on their own, we are not only saving them money but opening up a greater window of opportunity for our members to acquire and retain more small- and mid-sized business travel accounts,” stated Results! Travel Vice President and General Manager John Risner. “It also bears pointing out that these specially-priced booking tools are in addition to the wide array of corporate travel management tools that we already provide through our Preferred Membership program.”

Corporate travel technology specialists at Results! Travel headquarters will be supporting both Concur and RESX on behalf of the franchisees.

“This benefit for our Results! members will enable them to be more aggressive in the corporate travel management arena without adding to their staff,” added Risner. “Managing the corporate travel booking technology for business travel clients can be a full-time job, which would detract from the overall bottom line of our individual Members. The fact that we, as an organization, provide this level of support is incredibly unique in the industry.”

With several different options, Results! Travel members will be able to tailor their agency program to best fit their business and find what works best for their client, Results! says. Each tool uses the agency's GDS as well as other booking sources, with reservation options ranging from traditional air, car, hotel, to dining, shipping and web conferencing.

The corporate booking tools can be customized to include a particular company's travel policies and negotiated discounts.