Results! Travel Ramps Up Marketing Programs

Results! Travel  has unveiled two new marketing initiatives for its members – “On Your Behalf” and the “Personalized Travel Planner.” The first will allow Results! Travel members to send customized, targeted, direct mail pieces to clients without the franchisee lifting a finger, while the second will provide cruise clients with an individually-tailored travel planning booklet to enhance their cruise vacation experience.

“The number of programs and services we offer our members continues to grow year after year thanks, in part, to being part of the Travel Leaders Franchise Group and travel industry powerhouse, Travel Leaders Group,” said Results! Travel Vice President and General Manager John Risner. “The importance of the ‘On Your Behalf’ program cannot be overstated. This will allow our members to consistently reach out to their clientele with beautiful, professionally-crafted marketing pieces – at no additional cost – and not divert their attention away from their day-to-day business needs of serving their clients and increasing sales. At Results, we’ve always viewed our role as a partner in business with our franchise owners. One of our main goals is to help their business become as profitable as possible.”

The new “On Your Behalf” program will allow Results! Travel members to reach key clients with travel opportunities and promotions in one of two ways. The initial rollout of the program will provide dozens of unique direct mail postcards to be mailed on behalf of Results! Travel members to their clients beginning early next year. The next phase will layer in direct mail email marketing later in 2012.

Client data will be segmented based on a host of demographic and lifestyle data, in order to ensure each individual receives the most appropriate marketing piece. Results! Travel agencies using ClientBase will have the most automated program, because their client lists can be generated for them without any need for uploading, scrubbing or sorting by the agency. Results! Travel agencies not currently taking advantage of the ClientBase program will be able to send their client list to Results! Travel headquarters for its support specialists to manually upload the list; there is no additional cost to the franchisee for this service. Those members interested in becoming ClientBase subscribers can do so at Results! Travel pricing.

In addition to “On Your Behalf,” Results! Travel members will also have the opportunity to provide their cruise clients with customized travel information with the Personalized Travel Planner. This travel-size booklet includes the client’s name and specific cruise itinerary, along with detailed information about their cruise ship and each port-of-call for their specific itinerary. Maps are also included to help the cruise client explore their surroundings when they get off the ship. The Personalized Travel Planner covers 17 major cruise lines, 164 different cruise ships, 280 ports-of-call (with images for each port-of-call) and over 5,000 itineraries, making for a highly robust offering.

“The Personalized Travel Planner gives our Results! Travel members, and their agents, another way to stand out with their clients,” added Risner. “Today’s top travel agents are consultants in every aspect of a client’s travel planning. This vehicle will allow our members to continue to engage their clients and provide valuable information and services in that lull between the time the client decides on cruise and their actual embarkation date.”


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