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WITH THE NEW AGREEMENT BETWEEN AMERICAN EXPRESS CONSUMER TRAVEL NETWORK AND REVELEX to develop a technology platform, Revelex has emerged as a major force in travel technology.

For the company's CEO and founder, David Goodis, the deal with a travel industry powerhouse like American Express helps realize his vision of Revelex as a leading tech provider. Revelex offers a wide range of travel industry support

"Our goal will be to exceed American Express' expectations," Goodis says of the new agreement, which will develop systems to allow agents at all locations—including at-home, call centers and American Express offices—to book travel faster and more efficiently.


After a career in the securities industry, Goodis founded Revelex in 1999. He saw the beneficial impact that technologies used by Wall Street financial companies had on the travel industry. Thus, Revelex and its signature Power Agent desktop were created.

From the beginning, Goodis aimed to empower agents and travel industry suppliers with technology that simplifies booking. And, as in the case of American Express, to increase agent productivity, reporting and effectiveness.

With American Express, Revelex will leverage its expertise to develop an integrated consumer travel desktop that will allow American Express agents to book airlines, car rentals, hotels and cruises in one application. The system will be rolled out early in 2009.

"We will be able to combine all the functionality needed by American Express travel agents into one easy-to-use and easy-to-learn desktop tool," Goodis tells Travel Agent. "This will enhance efficiency productivity and, ultimately, profitability."

Revelex now works with a host of travel industry players, including and Ensemble Travel. It partners with Carnival and Seabourn cruise lines and major GDS systems, as well as both U.S. and international clients.

"Today's travel agents—leisure or corporate, brick-and-mortar or home-based—all clearly benefit from technology. It's changed how we do business, serve clients, interact with suppliers and communicate and compete," Goodis says.


Effective use of technology can also help agents compete with online travel sellers, he believes. "Agents are benefiting from years of high-risk investment in technology and more than a few failures," notes Goodis. "But the net gain is affordable, easy-to-use systems that enable agents and suppliers to deliver results."

Goodis predicts that while fewer new technology companies will enter the industry due to cost barriers and long lead times, the existing technology firms, including Revelex, will continue to innovate and enhance their systems—especially network-wide systems.

Huge technology issues loom, however. This includes safety and security of systems and data, as well as integration of large, complex multi-user, multi-product networks. The role of technology has gone beyond simple booking or accounting tools to fully integrated, one-desktop customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Goodis also predicts that Revelex will be on the cutting edge of innovation in technology, and he welcomes inquiries by travel agents and industry suppliers on the full range of services Revelex offers. "We can develop new customized technology solutions that work, including cruise, group and tour sales and support options," he says. "New technologies will give travel agents the means to compete, improve client services and ensure profitability."

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