Rumor: Is Pinterest Developing a Travel Product?

pinterestWe've noted before that Pinterest can be an effective way for travel agents to reach a community of aspirational travelers. But is the social media platform about to make an even bigger play in the travel space? 

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TechCrunch reports that Pinterest's upcoming new initiative, codenamed "Choose Your Own Adventure," could be a "consumer-facing travel product." Citing a source familiar with Pinterest's plans, TechCrunch says that the new feature is aimed at attracting more men, particularly affluent men, to the platform, which thus far has been mostly used by women. 

If true, "Choose Your Own Adventure" would not be Pinterest's first play in the travel space. With its common use as an online wish board and focus on eye-catching, shareable images, travel has been a natural fit for the platform virtually since its inception. Last year the company capitalized on its community's interest in travel with a series of special pins that allowed users to share more detailed information with their pinned photos, including place pins, product pins, recipe pins and movie pins. 

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More detailed information on "Choose Your Own Adventure" is not available at this time. The product launch is scheduled for April 24. 

Stay tuned to for further details on this developing story.