Sabre Enhances Workspace With Graphical Interface

Sabre Travel Network reports it has launched its enhanced graphical capabilities in Sabre Red Workspace.  Last month, Sabre began the global roll out of graphical view, giving Sabre-connected agencies from around the world the ability to leverage the increased productivity and time savings associated with the new graphical interface. By next year more than 170,000 agents will have access to the system, Sabre says.
Sabre’s graphical view simplifies the shopping and booking process and increases productivity, allowing agents to book air, hotel, car and other suppliers in less time and with fewer keystrokes. Agents using graphical view can: complete bookings up to 20 percent faster, use 30 percent fewer keystrokes to complete a reservation and access nearly three times more low fare options in a single search, Sabre reports.

“In the past year, we’ve provided a collection of technology that helps agents transform the way they work and serve their customers,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president of marketing for Sabre Travel Network. “From the introduction of Sabre Red and the upgrading of 145,000 agents to the Red Workspace to the launch of graphical view, we’re equipping agents with powerful new tools to help them stay ahead in a competitive industry.”

Among beta customers, Sabre says three of the most popular features have been:

·         Calendar Shopping – comparison shop for air travel options using flexible dates
·         Map-Based Shopping for Hotels – search by zip code, address, neighborhood or point of interest and use the interactive map for more information or to make a reservation
·         Email During Shopping - email travel options to clients during the shopping process

“The tool is very intuitive. It did not take long to understand the logic and work flow. I enjoyed navigating without having to use the mouse and using only the keyboard. Another positive aspect is that you can easily switch to traditional formats in the same environment if you want," said Tatiana Lula, key coordinator for Flytour, a leading travel company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Another real benefit to agencies is the reduced training time required when using graphical view. The training time for agents using graphical view in the Sabre Red Workspace is estimated at two weeks, compared to the six to eight weeks required for the classic view.

“The power of graphical view lies in its simplicity and easy-to-use interface,” said Kroeger. “This allows agency owners to tap into a broader talent pool when hiring new staff, while also increasing productivity for even the most experienced agents.”

"We really appreciate the simplicity of Sabre’s graphical view. For training new staff and new users, this is much more user-friendly and an efficient time management tool," said Aaron Rear, senior travel consultant of Bonaventure Travel, a leading travel company in Perth, Australia.

Graphical view within Sabre Red Workspace is available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese. Several hundred agents globally are already enjoying the benefits of the new graphical view. Activations will continue into the first half of 2012, when more than 170,000 agents will have access to the enhanced graphical capabilities available in Sabre Red Workspace.


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