Sabre Integrates Virtual Payments With GetThere

codeSabre Corporation has announced the integration of Sabre Virtual Payments into the corporate online booking system GetThere.

The automated solution assigns a single-use, unique virtual credit card number to an individual hotel reservation. Travel policies are preset at the employee or contractor level and attached to the booking, so the Virtual Card Number (VCN) can only be used to pay for predetermined expenditures and with preset spending limits. Upon completion of a traveler's trip, automated matching of the booking to payment eliminates the need for manual reconciliation and settlement of hotel travel expenses. Airfare expense reconciliation and settlement capabilities will be added in the coming months.

"Integrating Sabre's Virtual Payments with GetThere improves accuracy, efficiency and compliance by enforcing travel policy spending limits and automating expense reconciliation," said Yannis Karmis, vice president, Sabre Corporate Solutions.  "Additionally, fraud exposure is reduced as virtual card numbers can be configured to contain value and validity controls specific to each travel segment."