Sabre Partners With Blue Ribbon Bags to Launch Travel Insurance Red App

Sabre travel agencies and Blue Ribbon Bags have joined forces to launch a new Red App, which will allow travel agents to seamlessly purchase luggage insurance for travelers.

Travelers will be able to use their luggage protection on any flight, anywhere in the world. All they must do is pay a nominal service fee of $5 and they will receive $1000 per bag, if the luggage is lost for four days. There will also be higher coverage options available, all which must be bought prior to the flight’s departure. Insurance payout from Blue Ribbon Bags is guaranteed, even if the bags show up on the fifth day.

There's also good news for travel agents. Blue Ribbon Bags will pay the agency a commission on each sale, allowing the agency to generate additional revenue, alongside alleviating traveler anxiety about their luggage and creating more customer loyalty.

Our Red App will allow travel agents to seamlessly purchase Blue Ribbon Bags insurance coverage on behalf of their clients," says Gabriel Menkin, CEO of Blue Ribbon Bags. "A few clicks allow travel agents to populate all pertinent client and agent information in order obtain coverage.  We want this to be as simple as possible, for both the agent and the client."

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Sabre travel agencies can download the free Blue Ribbon Bags Red App from the Sabre Red App Centre. This will allow them to buy Blue Ribbon Bags coverage during the booking process on any ticketed Passenger Naming Record.