Signature Network Expands Niche Travel Segment

alex sharpeSignature Travel Network reports it is placing new emphasis on niche travel, particularly active and adventure travel and reports strong growth in targeted marketing.

“Based on client demand and member feedback, we really want to capitalize on the specialty travel segment identified in our recent ‘State of the Market’ survey as the prime area of opportunity by leveraging the success we see in our marketing efforts, ” says Signature’s newly named president and CEO Alex Sharpe.

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In a recent survey, Signature notes its owners expressed positive reviews regarding the current collection of marketing services and tools. The Network’s client database has seen a 6 percent growth year to date, now surpassing 3.5 million households. Its e-marketing list has grown 13 percent year to date with 1.65 million active leisure clients. 

Signature’s direct mail program has grown nearly 20 percent in 2013, in both number of campaigns and number of pieces mailed, and anticipates double-digit growth again in 2014. 

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Signature said that in 2014 it will utilize this growth and take an integrated approach to develop active and adventure content and products across all marketing platforms. THis includes a focus on key destinations based on products from preferred suppliers and partnerships with tourism boards; active or adventure articles in all of Signature’s publications; spotlights in direct mail marketing efforts; a microsite dedicated to active and adventure products and monthly email campaigns.

“The new marketing opportunities will be available to all Signature member agencies and preferred partners, including those that specialize in the active/adventure segment as well as those that have products that appeal to clients looking for a more active travel experience,” said Karryn Christopher, Vice President of Marketing.