Signature Reports Milestone for Cruise Track Technology

cruise shipSignature Travel Network reports the first milestone of success of its Cruise Track program. Launched in late 2012, Cruise Track is a proprietary technology software system.

The program allows Signature travel consultants to stay ahead of all changes for a particular cruise (including pricing, itinerary and Signature Collection amenities changes) through alert notifications, and allows them to pass these updates on to their clientele. 

“Signature continually assesses the cruise market and listens to feedback from members. Pricing changes have always been a challenge for cruise sellers—particularly during periods when ‘promotional offers’ are at an all-time high and itinerary changes are prevalent," says Karen Yeates, Executive Vice President, Information Technologies.

Signature’s solution was to develop Cruise Track to streamline the process and ensure that members are always notified about pricing changes so that they could choose to proactively contact clients about their options related to the change, never miss out on a Signature exclusive amenity, and always receive the most up-to-the-minute itineraries, said Yeates. 

“We’re receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from travel consultants about how much this Signature tool has impacted their ability to be proactive in managing all aspects of their clients’ current and future cruises,” said Jeri Amstutz, Director, Cruise Program.

For example, Donna Wolfe of Donchka Travel (A Division of Plaza Travel) commented, “On one of my recent bookings, I was notified that pricing went down again on junior suites. I rebooked my clients from a veranda to a junior suite and was able to provide them with a stateroom that is 50 percent larger and the price only went up $60 more per person. My clients think I'm amazing to find this deal for them. Cruise Track is a wonderful selling tool.”

Donna Christensen, of Preferred Travel of Naples, stated, “I received a notice that my client’s cruise had gone down in price by $2,400 per person. They were paid in full. Because I knew about it so quickly, I could give them a choice to cancel for $900 and rebook or take an upgrade. There were only three upgrade guarantees for the suites. The clients chose the upgrade. Everyone's happy and now we won't hear about the change later when it's too late to do anything.”

Judy Jacobson of Frosch Classic Cruise and Travel stated, “Cruise Track notified me that my client’s sailing had been added as a Signature Collection hosted sailing. I was able to secure the Private Car & Driver At Your Leisure experience for my clients and tell them about the Signature host that would be on board. It was my client’s 50th wedding anniversary and I contacted the host to do something special for them during the cruise. They had a fabulous experience in Dubrovnik and thanked me for making their anniversary cruise memorable.”

Signature said it will continue to monitor and enhance the Cruise Track program. As the pace of change in cruise programs and pricing continues to accelerate, Signature said it is determined to remain ahead of the curve for members.

The Signature network includes 214 member agencies with 414 retail locations throughout USA and Canada.  


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