Signature to Underwrite Costs on Pocket Travel Consultant App

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Signature Travel Network has announced plans to significantly underwrite the member cost associated with its custom-designed Pocket Travel Consultant application, as well as improve its capabilities, at its annual Sales Meeting & Trade Show taking place in Las Vegas.

Using AXUS Travel App’s technology and interface, this mobile itinerary platform aims to strengthen communication between travel consultants and their clients during the planning stages, as well as throughout the actual trip.

“We are excited to announce that Signature Travel Network will reduce the annual price of its Pocket Travel Consultant app to as low as $20 per travel consultant,” said Karen Yeates, Signature’s executive vice president of information technologies, in a written release. “The regular price for a consultant seat with AXUS Travel App is more than $240 annually, so Signature’s significant investment in this program will provide a massive reduction in cost. I hope this change enables 100 percent of our consultants to engage.”

In addition to underwriting much of the member subscription cost, Signature Travel Network has invested in Pocket Travel Consultant by building an auto-import from its members’ CRM tool, ClientBase, so information can easily be transferred between the two platforms. Signature's destination guides, cruise itineraries, hotel descriptions, images and amenities were also added to this proprietary application.

This initiative falls in line with Signature Travel Network’s continued focus on expanding its mobile technology program by investing in the development of new tools, and its commitment to making resources more affordable for members to use, Signature said. 

Launched in 2011, and then relaunched with AXUS Travel App in 2015, Pocket Travel Consultant features thousands of itineraries created by Signature members on a monthly basis. The innovative platform combines travel itineraries and destination information into one program. Additionally, air, hotel and car rental reservations are consolidated and presented to clients in a fully integrated format.

Pocket Travel Consultant makes it easy for travelers to stay on schedule, track flights and get directions, Signature said. In addition, it is a direct line to travel consultants, making it easy for clients to ask questions while traveling. Travelers can enable push notifications for schedule changes, as well as important announcements regarding security and weather updates. Since travel itineraries are stored in the application, it is easy for users to view past itineraries, collaborate with a travel consultant about future plans and share information with friends and family.

Over 2,200 Signature members and preferred supplier partners are meeting at the event to learn, network and explore new opportunities within the travel industry.